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  The Orthopaedic Department was established in 1958, the same as the Peking University Third Hospital. With Prof KQ Yang (former Director of the Orthopaedic Department of Peking University First Hospital) and his colleagues’ tremendous efforts, this department developed dramatically...... [Click on View transcript]
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  Orthopaedic Department of Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH) was established in 1958. Through the persistent effort of four generation doctors over fifty years, the department has developed into one of the national leading orthopaedic centers.
  In the early 1960s, Prof. KeQin Yang first carried out surgical treatment for lumbar disc herniation and cervical spondylosis in China. These were courageous explore at that time. Since that, PUTH has got its outstanding fame in China for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. PUTH has also sped up the development in the spine surgery in China. The first academic book in management of cervical spondylosis was edited by the department in China in 1960s’. Rapid progress in the treatment of joint diseases and trauma was also made in 1960s’ and 1970s’. Our pioneers (Prof Yang, Dr. FangChun Dong, Dr. TangCheng Zhang, et al.) did great fundamental job in orthopaedic development for the department and our nation.
  Prof. Zhihu Zhang was the second Chairman of this department in the middle of 1980s’. During this period, further development in spine and joint disease was made. The knee and hip arthroplasty was carried out both in the clinic and experimental test. These efforts made the department one of the pioneers in this field in China.
  In the 1990s’ the third department Chairman, Prof. GengTing Dang, with the assistance of Prof. QinLin Cai, Prof. HuaFu Yin and Prof. SiQuan Lou,divided the the department into four subgroups: Cervical Spine Group, Lumbar Spine Group, General Spine Group and Joint Group. Later, Trauma Group and Atlantoaxial Group were also established. The department has been progressing rapidly in the treatment of degenerative spine diseases, spine tumor, spine deformity, trauma, degenerative joint diseases and ligament injury. Nowadays, PUTH orthopaedic department has become one of the best orthopaedic center in China.
  In this century, further development has achieved under the leadership of fourth department Chairman, Prof. ZhongJun Liu. With the help of his colleagues (Prof.Zhong Qiang Chen, Prof. Ke Zhang, Prof QingJun Ma, Prof. Chao Wang, Prof. Yu Sun and Prof. Fang Zhou) and the guidance of Prof. Dang and Prof. Lou, the department is fighting its way to get even stronger. Outstanding achievement has be obtained in many field. Our treatment results in cervical spondylosis, atlantoaxial diseases, spine tumor and thoracolumbar deformity has achieved international leading figure. Our experimental researches include bone healing, tissue engineering, osteoporosis, degenerative joint diseases, chronic compressive spinal cord injury, ossification of ligamentum flavum. Our awards include: Diagnosis and Treatment of Cervical Sopondylosis, the Second National Scientific Development Award in 2002, Cervical Spinal Cord Injury without Fracture or Dislocation ,the First National Scientific Development Award in 2004. Our department was nominated by National Education Ministry as Innovative Team of 2007.
  The department always pays much attention to continuous education. Our senior staff always foster and support the junior staff as their responsibility. Most of our staff has opportunity to visit and work abroad. Now this department has forty staff members. Thirty staffs are appointed as professor or associate professor.
  Our staffs are not only surgeons but also take social responsibilities. Professor Yang, a chief resident of Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1944, was the vice chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Association (COA) (1982-1986). Professor Dang was the past chairman of COA (1992-2000), the former Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Orthopaedic Journal and Honored Fellow of Royal College of Surgeon of Edinburgh. He is now the Chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Surgeon.Association. Prof. Lou is the Chairman of Cervical Spondylosis Committee of Chinese Rehabilitation Association and Deputy Editor of Chinese Bone and joint Journal. Professor Chen is the Vice Chairman of Chinese Orthopaedic Association and the Chairman of AOSpine International China Chapter. Professor Liu is the member of Academic Degree Committee of the State Council, the deputy chairman of Spine Group of Chinese Orthopaedic Association, the deputy chairman of Chinese Spine and Spinal Cord Injury Society, vice chairman of Association of Chinese Orthopaedic Surgeon and the deputy chief editor of Chinese Journal of Spine and Spinal Cord.
  Our courageous new explores are based on technology development and scientific research. We are dedicated to the comprehensive management of orthopaedic diseases and deformities, focusing on spine, joint and trauma. In China, this department has performed first operation of cervical discectomy and fusion, posterior open door laminoplasty (bilateral and single), anterior and posterior cervical spine fixation, cervical athroplasty, anterior thoracolumbar fixation, percutaneous lumbar discetomy with laser, spondyloectomy for spine tumor, spondyloectomy with anterior distraction and posterior compression for severe thoracolumbar kyphosis and anterior release / posterior reduction and fixation for fixed atlantoaxial dislocation. We are also pioneers in knee and hip arthoplasty, bone impaction grafting in hip/knee revision and using minimum invasive technique to treat long bone fractures.
  Our surgeons at PUTH utilize a combination of well established and new, cutting-edge techniques, resulting in a broader spectrum of patient care options and high quality treatment. The broad base of our experience allows for comprehensive care for a large, variable patient population. The majority of patients visiting to the department are from other cites. More than 4,500 cases were operated, over 100,000 new patients were seen at the outpatient clinic and nearly 20,000 visits in the Emergency Room annually We have nearly 20 projects sponsored by National Nature Science Foundation, Health Ministry, National Science Ministry 863 project, Beijing Science Committee, and National 985 project. In 2007, nearly 20 million RMB were sponsored for research projects in this department. Totally more than 500 papers have been published, including 30 papers published in international journals. We have edited and translated ten orthopaedic academic textbooks. We had taught 50 students for master degree and 40 students for doctor degree. More than 2,000 Chinese surgeons have worked in this department as a fellow.
  Our department pays much attention to international academic exchange and makes great efforts to catch up with cutting edge development. In late 1970s’, we started to exchange with our international colleague. In the past 20 years, we have organized many international symposiums and courses in China. In 2001, we founded AO Spine reference Center in this hospital Recently more and more doctors in the department have presented their papers in international meetings. Some of our doctors have been invited as guest speaker in international conference. At the same time, some international fellows have visited this department from Britain, USA and Japan. During the international communication, we are getting more confident. We are striving to be one of the best orthopaedic departments in the world.
In the past half century, the department tradition remains the same: hardworking, enterprising and cooperative. The department is always like a big family. We think much of mutual respect, teamwork and try to find largely identical among the members but with minor differences. This department also organizes free medical services and operations in underdeveloped areas in China.
  Many doctors in the department also took a great role to in managing hospital and serve the society. Prof Yang and Prof Cai were former vice president of PUTH. Prof. Dang was former vice president and then deputy president of this hospital. Prof. Chen is the current president of hospital and Prof. XiaoGuang Liu is the current vice president of PUTH. Prof. Chen is also the deputy of National Committee of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. Prof. ZhongJun Liu is the deputy of National People's Congress of the People’s Republic of China.
In the past fifty years, the Orthopaedic department has grown up. Our predecessors fought their way to build up this department and now we are continuing their journey to make our department even better. Our department motto is “high medical mortality with hard working to make medical service better .” We strongly believe that by our hard work we could achieve our patienes’ satisfaction, our national and international colleagues’recognition and our society’s compliment. Our goal is to build the first class orthopaedic department in the world.

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Secretary Group
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